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Please note you are buying a Watch Repair and Service. We have more than 30 years of experience with watch. We service watches for jewelers and watch shops in Georgia and Florida. Our team of expert watchmakers repair and service all brands watches. We are currently expanding our business to provide you a direct service support and rate. We will professionally service, clean and polish your watch for $449 plus parts.

We offer you a comprehensive, professional watch movement overhaul & service which includes Checking the watch over very thoroughly to see if any parts are damaged, faulty or in need of attention. Service and Repair price is based on your watch condition.

Most of time, your watch needs periodic services including, but not limited to Clean, Oil and Adjustment (COA). Once we receive your watch, we will provide you an accurate quote and get your permission before we start working on your watch. If there are any defective parts, we will contact you first for your approval before we complete the service. We will return your watch to you at no cost if you decided not to service with us.

Your watch components will be professionally hand brushed and cleaned during inspection. It will be completely disassembled and cleaned using only the finest products and machines. All the time we will be checking your watch over for any defects. Your watch movement will be reassembled and have it’s timing properly regulated using special equipment. At the same time your watches’ case and bracelet will be professionally cleaned & polished Once reassembled your watch will be tested over the next few days and checked again to make sure that it is returned to you in optimum condition.

Our full service & overhaul is fixed at $449 plus the cost of parts only if necessary. Once I have received your watch, I will give you a call or send you an email to confirm its safe arrival. If you decide to go ahead with the work we will send you an invoice with confirmation, if you decide not to proceed we will return your watch to you no cost to you. All of our quotes will be presented to you through eBay, and will come with our One year Warranty. You can find more information about us at WatchProShop.com For further queries please contact us through eBay.

WatchProShop.com is an independent watch service shop and is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex USA and Rolex S.A.

We are an independent business not affiliated with any factory repair center. We stand behind all our repairs and services 100%. It is our mission to offer competitive prices on the high-quality products and services we provide.
While our prices may not always be the lowest, we believe our price-quality ratio is unmatched. We work diligently to find highest quality of OEM and non-OEM parts to guarantee our services. This enables our customers to enjoy lower cost and high-quality service we provide. However, if you are looking for a factory warranty repair center, please email us and we would be happy to get you the correct info.

1 YEAR WARRANTY : Your watch is warranted for a period of one year from the date of service against breakage or malfunction due to defects in our replacement parts or workmanship under normal use condition. Watches must be repaired or serviced with a full overhaul by WatchProShop.com or the warranty is void. Please contact us if your timepiece is warranted for one full year after service. Some antique watches and special timepieces do not warranted from the date of service against breakage or malfunction. The warranty will become null and void if the timepiece is misused, abused, tampered with or taken apart, or if the timepiece is repaired by anyone other than WatchProShop.com. The warranty is not extended to the watchstrap, bracelet, finish, crystal. The warranty does not cover any incidental, consequential or special damage arising from any or all uses of our serviced watch. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitations of incidental, consequential, or special damages, so the above limitations may not apply.